Macro Friendly Meal Plans

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Whatever your fitness or lifestyle goals are, these meals are a great solution! Eating healthy has never been easier or tasted better. No more making separate meals for yourself and your family. No more starving or depriving yourself of the foods you love.

On the first Friday of every month you’ll get:

– Access to our app with 450+ macro-friendly, family-focused recipes
– Create and save personalized meal plans and shopping lists
– Sort recipes by course type and search by ingredients or keywords
12 new recipes every month
8 main dish recipes
3 side dish recipes
– 1 dessert recipes
– Nutritional facts provided for each recipe
– Recipes pre-logged in My Fitness Pal


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After signing up you will receive an email with your login information. This will give you access to your account on and our meal planning app at

In addition to the app, you’ll also receive 12 new recipes every month. The recipes will be added to the app for you to use and they’ll also be emailed out as a PDF for those who prefer to print. The two most recent meal plans can be found in the downloads area of your account on our website at

We highly recommend adding our email address,, to your email contacts to ensure that our emails hit your inbox. If you have any questions or need help with anything please reach out via email.

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216 reviews for Macro Friendly Meal Plans

  1. Jessica Reynolds (verified owner)

    We are totally hooked on your recipes, plus you are so fun to follow. You are the macro queen!

  2. Katie Holbrook (verified owner)

    I started tracking macros and felt so intimidated until I started following you. Your recipes have helped me lose 7 lbs already and my family is LOVING all the new recipes. Thanks so much!

  3. Jyssica Lahey (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the recipes from the monthly meal plans. It is so nice to cook ONE meal for my family that everyone enjoys. They were getting really tired of the same old meals each week. I started tracking my macros in October and hated that sometimes I would have to cook myself something and my family something else. Elyse makes meal planning and macro counting SO EASY. I love love love her recipes!

  4. Kristi Gintz (verified owner)

    Best purchase ever! I’ve never really considered myself a good cook but now I’m making delicious meals every night! My family absolutely loves every single thing I’ve made from Elyse. From Skillet Lasagna, chicken Fried Rice, Turkey steaks, Orange chicken, Chicken Pot Pie soup…. the list goes on and on. Everything is so delicious and I actually feel like a great cook now!! Thank you Elyse!!! I will be a subscriber for life!

  5. Emily Hines (verified owner)

    Elyse’s meal plans have been life changing! Following her meals has helped me lose the 10lbs I gained during Covid but more importantly, I’ve never felt stronger!! These recipes paired with lifting has been a game changer for me. I’m eating MORE & better than ever & I’m just so much happier. Also something I love is that I get to support her beautiful family of 6 by investing in this plan. It’s truly a win win & such a STEAL.

  6. Devyn Jones (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend these meals enough. I was even on the phone with my mom today just RAVING about these meals! Even when I’m not tracking I like to have recipes on hand that are lighter on calories/macros than normal but aren’t light in flavor. Every. Single. Recipe. I have tried has been AMAZING. Elyse makes it so dang easy to eat healthy but still eat good food. You can absolutely still have tasty meals and hit your goals. My fave meals off the top of my head are the Chicken Alfredo stuffed shells, Chocolate chip cookie pie, baked chicken verse tacos, Malibu chicken, and the teriyaki spinach chicken pasta salad.

  7. Tiffanie Robinson (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these plans for almost a year! The recipes are easy and delicious and the plan offers a great variety! Love it!

  8. Maria Fastidio (verified owner)

    When I started macro counting I would either have to make separate meals for my family and I . My meals were repetitive and it wasn’t fun having double the prep. I found Elyse’s recipes on Instagram and haven’t looked back. Every recipe I have tried from her has been delicious and I can use it for meal prepping for work and family dinners! I have done all stages of macro counting(cut, reverse , maintenance and bulk) with her recipes and the recipes fit in every stage of macro counting ! Elyse is a great person who responds to your Instagram messages when she can! I’m so happy I found her recipes!

  9. Kori Thomas (verified owner)

    I’ve loved every single recipe I have tried. Well worth it! Yummy foods and no guilt!!

  10. Miki Dorn (verified owner)

    Love your recipes! The servings sizes are AMAZING! Plus, when the hubs approves its even better! Thank you for making delicious and macro friendly recipes. Oh, and that are easy! 🙂

  11. Kristi Stratton (verified owner)

    Love these meals! Every single thing I have made has been delicious and so easy. Great for leftovers the next day and even things my kids will eat!

  12. Jordan Bell (verified owner)

    We love these recipes! My whole family loves them, including my 2 year old. Our favorite is by far the sesame chicken or the baked verde tacos! But the list is really endless. So grateful to have found these healthy and delicious recipes.

  13. Tamara Apodaca (verified owner)

    The recipes are amazing ! For a large family these meals are healthy , family friendly, and the sizes still accommodate a family of 7. My kids enjoy cooking these meals with me too. Every meal I have made has also be reasonably priced for purchasing ingredients .

  14. Kelley Pena (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the monthly meal plans!! My daughter is pretty picky and it was always so difficult finding healthy recipes that still tasted good, and that she would eat. She has loved literally everything I’ve made from the monthly plans!! The recipes are all easy to follow and make enough that I can often have left overs the next day which takes care of another meal! And the desserts are delicious too! I will continue to be a subscriber!!!

  15. Kylee Helmke (verified owner)

    MFF has been the BEST investment I’ve made in my family’s health in the last year. I’m a pretty healthy eater, but struggled to come up with lighter options of family favorites that my picky boyfriend would eat. We now incorporate 3-4 MFF recipes per week for dinner – he can’t get enough! I love that I can still eat in a way that feels good and fuels my body, while also making us food that feels like comfort food to him. It’s serious the best of both worlds.

  16. Ivonne Amaya (verified owner)

    Signed up for the meal plans when I decided to do a cut and can confidently say that I’m super glad I did! My bf was concerned that he’d have eat different food than me for those 4 weeks and boy was he gladly mistaken ;). He did not once cook for himself and I made MFF recipes every single week. Still do because they’re so damn delicious and they make maintenance a breeze!

  17. Ivonne Amaya (verified owner)

    Signed up for the meal plans when I decided to do a cut and can confidently say that I’m super glad I did! My bf was concerned that he’d have eat different food than me for those 4 weeks and boy was he gladly mistaken ;). He did not once cook for himself and I made MFF recipes every single week. Still do because they’re so damn delicious and they make maintenance a breeze!

  18. Kaylee Brosius (verified owner)

    So glad I purchased these meal plans!! My entire family loves them. They are super easy and don’t even taste healthy!

  19. jasmine Brausen (verified owner)

    This meal plan makes macro counting not feel impossible to feed your family with. The recipes are ALWAYS delicious and easy to make. The variety is wonderful for a meal plan. Anytime I have guests over everyone enjoys the meal and no one needs to know it fit in my macros lol great job

  20. Hannah McArthur (verified owner)

    If you are on the fence about joining the subscription, just do it! My family loves everything I have cooked from Elyse. I also love how many servings come with each meal. My friends are always asking how I can lose weight while eating such amazing food. I don’t have to give up my favorite foods to lose weight now! I’ve also learned a lot from following Elyse on Instagram. She is honest about how much she is eating and I want to be just like her. Haha. I love how most recipes are normal food, not the gross, healthy stuff. Long story short, just subscribe and your family will thank you! 😃

  21. Ashley Northam (verified owner)

    Elyse’s plans are very easy to follow but delicious. Her menus are appropriate for families- meaning you don’t need to cook separate meals for everyone. She has much to share on her site, her IG account and in her recipes themselves. I am just getting into macro counting, but feel that her recipes make it very accessible and easy to understand. She welcomes all levels, all sizes. We aren’t all size 2- and this is very accessible for everyone- whether you just want to plan better for including protein, you want carefully track macros or you just want an easy, affordable meal plan for your family. Highly recommend. The price is so minimal for the value.

  22. Brooke DASTRUP (verified owner)

    Macro meal planning has saved my booty!! I HATED cooking dinners. It was the worst trying to think of something, then we’d always eat the same things over and over again. Since macro meal planning it’s helped us branch out, try new foods, LOVE the foods AND stay on track with our macros with out overthinking it. Macros are so hard when you’re a newbie, so having this already pre logged in MFP and the serving sized has helped so so so much. I love this meal plan and plan on sticking with it till the day I die. Life saving, yummy food all staying within my macros. I recommend macro meal planning to everyone!!

  23. Amy Auker (verified owner)

    Thank you for making dinner an easy decision *and* easy to make! My family has enjoyed everything I’ve made since I signed up in October. Thanks for all that you do, Elyse and Jared. PS: I recommend following Elyse on Instagram — she makes working out + eating well accessible and sustainable! It’s the perfect pairing with the meal plans.

  24. Jordan Howell (verified owner)

    I have always HATED cooking. I’m just not passionate about it, but on top of that it would just overwhelm me to plan out a whole week- even just planning out our dinners. Fast forward to discovering Macro Friendly Food, and now I can plan a full two weeks out including ALL meals of the day, snacks, and desserts. Something about her stuff just makes it so doable for me. Her recipes are easy and I love that I can find all of the ingredients at normal grocery stores- nothing weird in her recipes! And of course the best part is that they are SO good! I have yet to try a recipe that both myself AND my husband and kids don’t like. Elyse is a miracle worker!!

  25. Kris Dalpias (verified owner)

    I have counted macros for a long time but the hardest part for me was coming up with meals that my family would like and I could eat it to hit my macros. Macro Friendly Foods is the answer I was looking for. I have enjoyed all the recipes. Some of our family favorites are Chicken curry soup, chicken cordon bleu, poppy seed chicken casserole, creamy chicken enchiladas, chile verde pork enchiladas, and many more! Elyse has created something that is priceless and has made feeding my family good food so much easier. The membership is worth every penny. Thank you Elyse!

  26. Alisha Snyder (verified owner)

    You seriously CAN NOT go wrong. The meal plan will take the “what am I going to make for dinner” and turn it into yummy and easy no brained what do I want to try this time? I highly recommend the meal plan-

  27. Kristen Craft

    My family and I LOVE these meals! I’m a macro coach and recommend the meal plan and monthly cookbooks to so many of my clients. The meals are delicious and it is such a time saver to have the recipes in MFP. I know my clients love these meals as much as I do!

  28. Katie Allred (verified owner)

    I love having healthy quick easy meals to feed my family! Food my kids will actually eat! We love Elyse’s meal plans! They are the best $10 you can spend.

  29. Caralyn Maybon (verified owner)

    Macro Friendly meals have been such a life saver. I have loved every single recipe! They are so delicious and easy to make. One of my favorite things about it is that the ingredients are what you would find at a normal grocery store! Elyse gets it! I’m so glad I signed up for this, SO worth the money!! If you’re on the fence- DO IT! You’ll be glad you did!

  30. Mandy Stephenson (verified owner)

    I’m a lifer! I always had it in my head that eating healthy meant eating bland, boring food. Who knew comfort food could be healthy?! It’s also given me the confidence to alter my own recipes I’ve used forever and make them higher in protein, lower in carbs/fat. I’m a recovering picky eater and have enjoyed your recipes SO much! My husband thinks I’m a chef… which is hardly the case!

  31. Veronica Murphy (verified owner)

    Love Elyse recipes! They are easy, with simple ingredients and delicious. Plus follow her on IG is a pleasure! She gives the best tips on macro counting and her recipes makes the process so much easier.

  32. Jennie Strong (verified owner)

    These meal plans have changed my attitude about making dinner. I love that every recipe shows you the macros and calories too for those in my family that aren’t counting macros. I have subscribed for about a year and have enjoyed every single recipe (and I’ve made a lot). The recipes are so good that my family can’t even tell when I use Greek yogurt in place of a typical ingredient. Haha!

  33. Efrain Felix (verified owner)

    Makes dinner time SOOOOO much easier and my kids LOVE the recipes as much as I do!

  34. Taylor Lloyd (verified owner)

    Macro Friendly Food is the best!! It has helped take the thinking out of dinner ideas!! Even if your not tracking macros, the meals are easy, flavorful and my whole family loves them!!

  35. Taylor Lloyd (verified owner)

    Macro Friendly Food is the best!! It has helped take the thinking out of dinner ideas!! Even if your not tracking macros, the meals are easy, flavorful and my whole family loves them!!

  36. Tracie Fawcett (verified owner)

    I have been tracking macros for years. I used to spend hours trying to figure out how to plan my daily food intake to match my carbs, proteins and fats. I used to eat a lot of the same things to save time and my sanity. Elyse has changed that, she has made it very easy to meal plan, gives me a huge variety, and so many options. I love it!

  37. Tracy Richards (verified owner)

    These meal plans are the best! I’m in a season where I just dread coming up what to cook for dinner and once I started counting macros it was even harder to find meals I could make that the whole family would like. Elyse has solved this problem for me. The meals are delicious and I look forward to getting new recipes each month.

  38. Kelsey Oloughlin (verified owner)

    Growing up with a single working mom, we ate out a lot, so I never really learned to cook! Then I married a man who’s mother is a phenomenal cook. It was a lot of pressure! I knew that he loved food, but I also knew the only thing I knew how to cook was Mac & cheese, AND I wanted to count macros still! I thought I was doomed until I came across your Instagram. Your meals have completely changed my outlook on cooking, and I’m able to have great dinner with my husband and still continue to track. Thank you for creating delicious meals that I feel good about eating and that my husband enjoys as well.

  39. Ashley Moger (verified owner)

    I’m such a fan of these meal plans! I started using these when I started counting macros and it made my life so much easier! The whole family loves these recipes so I don’t use anything else when I meal plan! The ingredients work for any budget, so you won’t have to take out a second mortgage on your house just to make healthy food for your family!

  40. Nikayla Larson (verified owner)

    I am LOVING the recipes so far. They are easy to make, only use ingredients that I can find at my local store, and my husband LOVES them (which is a HUGE deal).

  41. Stacy Brown (verified owner)

    When I started counting my macros I was fixing THREE dinners a night. One for me, my family, and my picky eater. That was too much to sustain. I bought this meal planning service thinking at least I only have to fix two dinners. But my picky eater has eaten everything I have made. You guys, that’s huge!!! These meals are easy to make. Eating healthy is so important to me and this makes it easier.

  42. Traci Peugh (verified owner)

    I love this subscription plan! The meals are made from scratch (no canned soups here!), and they’re so, so good. Even my picky kids like them. I’d pay twice as much for this subscription. No regrets!

  43. Lindsay Pratt (verified owner)

    Love love love!!! I’ve always been a good healthy cook, but this is top notch! Been purchasing for a year now. Will continue the purchase the meal plans. They are my favorite 😍

  44. Morgan Christiansen (verified owner)

    I love these recipes so much! Not even for the macros, but they are all so easy to make and super delicious! I’ve found some of my favorite meals from these plans. I look forward to the new ones every month!

  45. Mikayla Rueckert (verified owner)

    I love macro friendly food! Every meal is so easy to throw together. And my two young kids love them. Thank you!

  46. Kellie Hollister (verified owner)

    I’m beyond picky and these recipes have been amazing and best part the whole family loves them too.

  47. Michelle Brown (verified owner)

    I love these recipes! I’ve been making them since spring most of our week night meals are from the recipe plan. They fit my macros and the rest of my family doesn’t notice that these are healthier meals.

  48. Kara Mikesell (verified owner)

    I have been using Macro Friend Foods for a year now and I LOVE the recipes! I use MFF recipes for 90% of my cooking. I have confidence knowing that I am feeding my family protien-packed meals that taste delicious! Some of our favorite recipes are the Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs, Chicken Noodle Soup, and Chicken Enchiladas!

  49. Madison Riekhof (verified owner)

    These meal plans make life so much easier. I don’t need to worry about what to eat each week. It is also nice to be able to track calories easily through my fitness pal. Every recipe I have tried is wonderful!

  50. Rachel Buckner (verified owner)

    I have loved absolutely every meal I have made from these meal plans! They are delicious and most are super easy! Because of these meal plans I was finally able to overcome my bad relationship with food and have food freedom for the first time in my life! Definitely a must have!

  51. Mary Pajaro (verified owner)

    I love how easy your meals are. They are yummy, easy, and healthy! My boyfriend (who has no tracking care) RANTED about the beef enchiladas and French toast. SCORE! thank you for easy delicious meals ❤️

  52. Ashly Beynon (verified owner)

    These are the best family friendly meal plans out there that fit into our lifestyle change of counting macros! My kids (who are picky eaters) love all the meals I’ve prepared and they are simple to follow. I’ve lost 30 lbs since following Elyse, and I haven’t starved myself to do it. Worth every penny!

  53. Laura Nuxoll (verified owner)

    I have been tracking macros since 2018 and I got into the habit of eating the same boring meals every day just to make it easy! This was until I stumbled upon Elyse Ellis and her macrofriendly meal plan. I subscribed last year and it has been a game changer! My meals are now next level! Every dish I have made is so delicious and the macro tracking is super easy! I love the recipes and look forward to every month to see what new goodness I am making!! Cannot recommend the plans enough!! #lifetimesubscriber

  54. Courtney Locke (verified owner)

    I love the simple layout of the meals. The no fuss ingredients to make life simple, but makes you feel like a chef in the kitchen. Whether you are tracking macros or not, these recipes are great for anyone and the family!

  55. Sherise Allen (verified owner)

    I’ve always hated to cook….I would cycle through like 10 meals…EASY meals and call it momming! Hahaha fast forward to now as a subscriber or Elyses meals and I make at least two new dinners every week and repeat our favorites constantly! Everyone in my family loves them, they make me feel accomplished and it’s easy for me to pretend I actually know how to cook haha and BONUS!!! They’re healthy and macro friendly for anyone who likes to track their macros from time to time! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  56. Karen Henderson (verified owner)

    Yummy, different, easy and healthy! The monthly meal plans have been great! I love the variety! Counting macros on and off for a few years I’ve tried to stay away from dinners and salads with pasta. Your recipes that include pasta are balanced with protein and fats and they are really good! And the portions are super filling! Thank you for teaching me that healthy food can taste good!

  57. Jordan Julian (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Elyse’s recipes for a year now and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! My husband and I haven’t found a meal yet that we didn’t LOVE! Her portion sizes are always amazing and all of the prep/cook time is something I can easily handle. We eat at least one of her meals weekly if not more!

  58. Mariesa Morgan (verified owner)

    Every single recipe I have made my family has enjoyed! I love that there is a huge variety of recipes. I now look forward to making dinner. It’s also nice that the recipes make a large amount so there are leftovers for lunch the next day. And I appreciate that everything is already in the My Fitness Pal app. Thanks Elyse!

  59. Kelsey Aylor (verified owner)

    My family loves your recipes. I love that most of them are quick and easy to prepare. This really helps on busy nights with work, school, and sports.

  60. Sally Oakley (verified owner)

    I love that I committed to this several months ago. I am not a macro counter but wanted to make healthier and tastier meals. Elyse has mastered the art of creating recipes that are balanced, flavorful and simple. Thank you for changing my life as a cook!

  61. Megan Rockwell (verified owner)

    What can I say but ELYSE IS THE BEST! I have been making her recipes since she turned her IG account over and started macro counting and I haven’t looked back! Everything is delicious and seriously #droolstatus. You can tell she loves her food and doesn’t want to skimp on taste. The food is literally full of flavor and feels like you are cheating. Love this! Thank you Elyse for making my meal planning so much easier for my family and I!

  62. Sarah Procop (verified owner)

    Every meal is delicious and on repeat! Excited to try more of the side dishes. Recipes are delicious, easy, and family approved! Can’t wait for the app 🙂

  63. Stephanie Anderson (verified owner)

    These meals are the absolute best! It doesn’t matter if you are tracking macros or not! My husband and kids have loved everything!! Plus, the desserts are so good!!!! We love it all!

  64. Aggie Goodman (verified owner)

    I am loving your recipes, and ideas for meals. I have to cook for a family too and it’s always been a challenge to make macro friendly meals I can enjoy as well. Really happy I found this subscription.

  65. Lauren Hawkes (verified owner)

    The recipes are always delicious and tailored to the season. I haven’t had one I don’t like yet! I appreciate the variety in protein, so not everything is chicken or ground turkey. My only complaints are that the recipe servings in MFP are in ounces, not grams, which is not quite as accurate, I’ve found, and once or twice I’ve noticed an ingredient was left out of the instructions (but not the ingredient list).

  66. Deborah Barrett (verified owner)

    I never knew what Macros was until I started watching Elyse’s Instagram. Once she started her recipes, I was hooked. My kids love everything I make from them and my husband and I have kept our weight off and still get to enjoy eating. Best purchase ever. Never worry about over eating because her portions keep you full and you still hit your macros for the day.

  67. Amanda Brown (verified owner)

    I came across the meal plans on Instagram and decided to purchase – total game changer. I love that I can make one thing for my family for dinner that everyone loves and I can stick to my macros. Love the meal plans for so many reasons!! Makes it easier to meal prep and all recipes are already logged in MFP. She uses common ingredients that are easy to find and don’t cost a fortune!!

  68. Ashley Yarbrough (verified owner)

    I have always struggled with finding amazing, good food that is satisfying and healthy. I have had access to these meal plans for a year now and all I can say is money well spent. I use at least five of Elyse’s meals a week and have never been disappointed. The best subscription I own!

  69. Amanda Brown (verified owner)

    I came across the meal plans on Instagram and decided to purchase – total game changer. I love that I can make one thing for my family for dinner that everyone loves and I can stick to my macros. Love the meal plans for so many reasons!! Makes it easier to meal prep and all recipes are already logged in MFP. She uses common ingredients that are easy to find and don’t cost a fortune!!

  70. Vanessa Keller (verified owner)

    Just recently I bought the monthly recipes. My husband and I have been wanting to clean recipes that’s taste good. Let me tell you the best recipes ever! I highly recommend these recipes to anyone! I have been telling my friends all about it!

  71. Rimma Wolfe (verified owner)

    This plan is a steal and I recommend it to all my friends whether they track macros or not. The recipes are easy to make and most do not require any tough to find ingredients. My family even has several repeat staple recipes such as the chicken tikka masala, the beef bourgionion, and the pepperoni Stromboli, to name a few. Every month when the new recipes come out, I meal plan my groceries for the next several weeks and it really takes the guess work out of it. I cannot recommend this enough!

  72. Rimma Wolfe (verified owner)

    This plan is a steal and I recommend it to all my friends whether they track macros or not. The recipes are easy to make and most do not require any tough to find ingredients. My family even has several repeat staple recipes such as the chicken tikka masala, the beef bourgionion, and the pepperoni Stromboli, to name a few. Every month when the new recipes come out, I meal plan my groceries for the next several weeks and it really takes the guess work out of it. I cannot recommend this enough!

  73. Melanie Holding (verified owner)

    I’ve been a subscriber for a year now and every single month there are at least a few recipes to be excited about. The subscription is definitely worthwhile for me! I put all of my favorite MFF recipes in a binder and it has become my go-to for dinner ideas. Love that the macros are all calculated, entered into MFP, and that the recipes are generally easy with easy ingredients. Some of my favorites so far are the Muddy Buddies, Pizza Sliders, Breakfast Sliders, Chicken Bacon Ranch Pita Pizza, Tacos Al Pastor, Baked Tacos, Coconut Grilled Chicken, German Pancakes, Grilled Chili Lime Flank Steak, Hawaiian Pork Skewers, Pepperoni Stromboli, Chicken & Waffles, and Roasted Parmesan Broccoli, with many more yet to try!

  74. Ashleigh Beaty (verified owner)

    These meal plans have helped my family and I so much! I love learning new recipes, and this has been the easiest and best way to do it. The meals have amazing portions sizes, that actually fill me up without overeating. I have lost weight, and so has my husband. My daughter never has a problem eating any of the meals, which is amazing because she was only wanting pizza and quesadillas for too long! Her and my husband are constantly asking for the taco pasta, and I love all of the stuffed shells. Best monthly subscription I have ever had! Recommend buying the monthly subscription(I do the quarterly) plus the breakfast, lunch, and snacks! Everything is so yummy!🤤

  75. Ashleigh Beaty (verified owner)

    These meal plans have helped my family and I so much! I love learning new recipes, and this has been the easiest and best way to do it. The meals have amazing portions sizes, that actually fill me up without overeating. I have lost weight, and so has my husband. My daughter never has a problem eating any of the meals, which is amazing because she was only wanting pizza and quesadillas for too long! Her and my husband are constantly asking for the taco pasta, and I love all of the stuffed shells. Best monthly subscription I have ever had! Recommend buying the monthly subscription(I do the quarterly) plus the breakfast, lunch, and snacks! Everything is so yummy!🤤

  76. Kayla Royer (verified owner)

    Macro Friendly Meal Plans have changed my life! I sounds dramatic, but it truly has! I am able to hit my macros, achieve my fitness goals and provide easy delicious meals for my family. I am a forever fan of Elyse and I love these meal plans so much!

  77. Emily Grant (verified owner)

    The most delicious meals ever! I have tried so many different meal plans in my health journey and Macro Friendly Meals is hands down my favorite! No contest! The recipes are straightforward and easy to cook as well as taste amazing! There are no weird ingredients to hunt for and my family loves them. I love that I can successfully track my macros without completely shaking up what my family is having for dinner. Oh, and the portion sizes are actually normal and filling! I seriously could go on and on! Simply the best!

  78. Meghan Gee (verified owner)

    So many of these recipes are on repeat! I especially crave the broccoli soup!! So so good!!

  79. Shelby Maxwell (verified owner)

    I am blown away at how delicious every single meal is! My whole family loves the food, and I love how well it fits with my health goals. You can’t even tell there are healthier substitutes because everything is so flavorful and delicious and the portions are big!

  80. Lisa Campbell (verified owner)

    I love my subscription! I love that the recipes are tasty and made from things I normally buy and eat. It is so convenient to have recipes each month when you get tired of coming up with healthy meals to make the family everyday. I also love that they’ll recipes are in my fitness pal!!! ❤️

  81. Janelle Faulkner (verified owner)

    Best money I’ve ever spent on recipes. I have LOVED everything I’ve made, and we even have some repeats that we eat all the time. When I’ve been better about tracking my macros it’s been a huge help, however when I’m not I like knowing I’m still eating healthy, filling food that’s not going to make me feel bad about myself. THANK YOU!

  82. Ashley Lundquist (verified owner)

    Having tried other macro based meal plans- I feel like I can really say that this is the best one I’ve ever used!!! Not only do I love it- but my whole family does!! These are normal, home cooked comfort meals that are amazing! I’m 30 pounds down this year by just eating from this meal plan! Life changing!!!

  83. Arlene Lee (verified owner)

    I absolutely love how easy it is to make these meals. It is so convenient for our family and so far the kids and husband have approved all meals I have made. Which is awesome for me trying to stay on macros!!!! 💜💜💜💜

  84. Brittany Dehaven (verified owner)

    I struggle to eat the same thing every week but I also struggle with coming up with ideas of what to cook. the MFM meal plans take that struggle away from me! All the food I’ve made is sooo yummy and most of them are super easy and quick to make. 100% helps me stay on track with my eating and makes me feel like I’m indulging while staying on track with my macros! Couldn’t recommend more!

  85. Tami Tennant (verified owner)

    You won’t regret subscribing! This has been really life changing. I hate to cook, and I hate coming up with recipes and deciding what’s for dinner. These meals are simple to make so I’m not in the kitchen for hours. And I can’t tell you the number of times my picky kids have said it “was the best meal I’ve ever cooked”. I’ve been subscribed all year and we have a ton of “go to” recipes now that everyone loves! And bonus: my kids think I’m a great cook now!

  86. Andreea Badea (verified owner)

    Love these meal plans! I love to cook and experiment, but it’s so nice to have these meal plans when you hit a busy spell and need a brain to do the hard work for you. All of the meals I’ve made have been delicious and universally loved, no one had any idea they were “macro friendly” foods! I also love the options of mains and sides so you can mix and match to your tastes and what you have available – nothing worse than a bunch of recipes you have to get all sorts of one-time specialty ingredients for.

  87. Maralee Saulters (verified owner)

    5 stars!! I’ve really enjoyed Elyse’s macro friendly recipes! The recipes are easy to follow with everyday ingredients– and they taste great!! Elyse has taken all the hard work out if counting macros and made it so convenient! And you get a bang for your buck– it’s so affordable that I keep coming back to it!

  88. Danielle Moran (verified owner)

    My family is loving ALL of the recipes we have tried from your meal plans. And I LOVE not having to think about what is for dinner! All I have to do is pick from all the delicious options! I also love that I don’t need to purchase lots of ingredients that I will never use again. Most of the recipes use ingredients I already have on hand. Thank you!

  89. Julia Dillman (verified owner)

    I was worried this would be a waste of money but the meals have been awesome! Elyse uses a lot of similar ingredients in her recipes so its easy and budget friendly to meal prep. The biggest testimony to MFF foods is that my husband refused to eat left overs until now. He eat the MFF left overs all the time. I was so sad to see my chicken bbq stromboli (my favorite so far) gone from the fridge. Good food, balanced, and easy to count the macros! Makes my life easier. Thank you! ❤

  90. Hillary Blatherwick (verified owner)

    I haven’t used the meal plans to lose weight, but to save money and have healthy meals to benefit my family! So thankful for the helpful tips and tricks I’ve learned over the last year.

  91. Aubrey Griffeth (verified owner)

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  92. Keri Sexton (verified owner)

    These recipes have SAVED my evenings. Seriously. The evenings use to be so stressful when I would try and create recipes in MFP. It was so time consuming, especially after working all day. Now I can just go exactly by your recipe and you’ve already done all the hard work for me!! An absolute life saver!!! Thank you!!!

  93. Abby Devin (verified owner)

    I am so happy I made the decision to purchase these meal plans a year ago. The recipes are easy, healthy and have large portions. And the desserts help keep me on track because I can indulge with lower fat options that include some protein and help me hit my macro goals and continue to maintain after weight loss

  94. Kimberly Rader (verified owner)

    We love macro friendly food! As a mom, I never knew how to make some of our favorites in a healthier version. Thanks to Elise, I am now able to do so! Thank you so much. ❤️

  95. Natalie Bytheway (verified owner)

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  96. Ashton Wonnacott (verified owner)

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  97. Chelsea Hansen (verified owner)

    My family has loved all of the recipes! So worth the purchase for all of the easy, quick and family friendly meals! I love that all the ingredients are from everyday grocery stores 🙌🏻 Plus, it’s so nice to have DELICIOUS, guilt free dessert options too! Couldn’t recommend it more!

  98. Abby Spurrier (verified owner)

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  99. Chelsea Humble (verified owner)

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  102. Dulce Blanco (verified owner)

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  103. Anna Johnson (verified owner)

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  105. Jaimie Harvey (verified owner)

    I’ve counted macros before but felt like tracking, weighing etc. was so much work and borderline restrictive because I’m also not a great cook which left limited options. However, since I started making MFF meals, I have actually enjoyed cooking. I never feel like I have to skip out on my favorites or spend a ton of time in the kitchen. I have yet to try something I didn’t like. My hubby is even impressed with the recipes. I’m so glad I followed Elyse on Instagram and found these recipes when I did! I actually look forward to cooking now and tell everyone about the recipes every chance I get!

  106. Abigail Buena (verified owner)

    I love getting these plans every month!! They are so easy to make but still nutritious and so good. I haven’t tried a recipe yet that my family doesn’t like. Some of our favorites are the Navajo tacos, zuppa toscano soup, bbq meatloaf, caramel popcorn, and so many more.

  107. Amanda Denny (verified owner)

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  108. Lindsay Smith (verified owner)

    Purchasing MFF meal plans has been such an amazing gift for my family. Every single recipe I’ve made has been delicious. It’s helped us out of our food rut and made tracking macros SO EASY. I could not be happier with my purchase. I’ve also loved the breakfast, lunch and snack options. 10/10 recommend!

  109. Tara Kellogg (verified owner)

    Stop telling yourself that you can’t afford these meal plans! You will save $100s on groceries and your family will love eating together at home. I love that that there are comfort classics in every months plan and it takes me less than 45 minutes to meal plan and make a grocery list!!

  110. Ilona thurman (verified owner)

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  111. Ashley Sandoval (verified owner)

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  112. Ashley Sandoval (verified owner)

    I have absolutely loved these meals for myself and family. I love the easy to use steps and the simplicity, yet amazing dinners!!! We aren’t normally a “leftover” family but with Elyse’s meals I feel like they are so flavorful and amazing that I secretly hope my family doesn’t eat it all so I can have it the next day too!! Best price, great recipe, happy mom and family!!!

  113. Aimee McNab (verified owner)

    I was struggling at dinner time- trying to make a healthy meal for myself to support my macro meal plan and another meal my family would actually eat. I thought one of them would have to give but Elyse and Jared have come up with the perfect solution: kid-friendly meals that also fit my macro diet!

  114. Gabrielle Morrow (verified owner)

    This has been the most worthwhile purchase. No regrets at all! I started tracking macros and didn’t like the time needed to calculate recipes. I also LOVE to cook and I was sad that it just seemed easier to stick to boring chicken and veggies. Elyse’s plan is a total game changer! I’ve made quite a few recipes and each one has been delicious. And the portions are GOOD! I look forward to the first of the month now…it’s just awesome! Oh and I’ve lost 20 pounds while eating these meals!

  115. Carolina Pett (verified owner)

    I love cooking but I the time I have to do all the research + shopping list it just takes too much time. I decided to buy her plans after following the Instagram page for a while and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t buy it a while back. The recipes are young, with easy ingredients and even if you are not tracking macros it is still a good meal plan for the family. I can’t recommend it enough!

  116. Cassidy Barney (verified owner)

    Best $10 I spend each month. My husband is in dental school, so at the beginning of every week I have him choose 2 MFF recipes that I make for our lunches for the week. Easy, healthy and delicious meal prep. We love these recipes!

  117. Jessica Spendlove (verified owner)

    These meals have been so helpful for me in my macro journey! I was so overwhelmed with the meal prep for a family while I was trying to work on my health. My kids have been willing to try the recipes and my husband has liked them as well! I consider myself a good cook, but these recipes are teaching me to be a healthier cook and I love it!

  118. Alex McKen (verified owner)

    This has saved me so much time in so many ways! For the first time ever, I have family friendly recipes in one spot so I’m not searching for new ideas on Pinterest. They’re quick, easy, totally normal foods that my kids (7,4, and 1) devour every single time! I love that they’re healthy, have real food in the meals, and the macros are already laid out for me. I tell everyone that they NEED this subscription in their lives.

  119. Stacey Vance (verified owner)

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  121. Courtney Sorensen (verified owner)

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  122. Courtney Chesnut (verified owner)

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  123. Jessie Loepp (verified owner)

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  124. Anastazia Burnett (verified owner)

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  126. Laura Dieter (verified owner)

    I just started subscribing to the meal plans in October and I’m in love. I can’t quite figure out how to count macros, but my family of three teenage girls and a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic husband have loved the recipes so far. I needed a change in meal ideas and this has been perfect!! Thank you so much.

  127. Collette Shamis (verified owner)

    I was on the fence about buying a subscription. But so glad I did. The recipes are delicious and easy to make. I love how each month she has crock pot meals for busy nights. The biggest plus is that my kids actually eat when I cook meals from her plans and I can easily count my macros at the same time.

  128. Nadine Washburn (verified owner)

    When my friend told me about this service I had to try it. She told me how easy the recipes were and the best part was that they are all pre loaded into my fitness pal. Using these macro friendly recipes has been a life saver over and over . I have not made a recipe that my whole family hasn’t loved . Making these recipes has made me want to cook more , since I really Hated cooking before because I didn’t want to find the recipes 😆. Thank you Elyse for simplifying my life so I have More time to spend on the important things .

  129. Tiffany Leach (verified owner)

    Love the variety and that everything is simple. Makes even the busiest people master chefs in the kitchen 🙂 some of my favorite meals got turned macro friendly without sacrificing any of the taste! And everything is seriously SO easy! Plus Elyse and Jared are fun people all around on social media and that is also worth it to see. Love that they are real people making real things work for other people. You can see them and what they do and know it’s real.
    Thanks for all you do!!!

  130. Michelle Vickers (verified owner)

    The MFF recipes have completely changed my entire ability stay on track with macros. The best part is the recipes are so delicious and family friendly! Truly so grateful for these and well worth the expense! I only wish I had came across MFF sooner!!!

  131. Melia Zaugg (verified owner)

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  132. Heather Strong (verified owner)

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  133. Kimberly Burrell (verified owner)

    I’m a mom of 4 kids, and thought that eating healthy would mean I’d need to prepare 2 different meals since I have some picky eaters. And I definitely don’t have time for that. But now that I have these recipes, I can cook one meal for my whole family, and everyone loves them! I haven’t yet tried a recipe that we haven’t liked. The best $10 a month I’ve ever spent!!

  134. Megan Wu (verified owner)

    I have been following macros for the better part of 4 years now, and had gotten into a rut of eating the same things pretty frequently. Not only do your recipes help me break free of the monotony my poor taste buds had been experiencing, but the food is absolutely delicious, recipes are super easy to follow, and the portion sizes are GARGANTUAN, which my eyes and stomach appreciate; baby portions make me (h)angry, so your recipes have also kept me out of therapy. I usually have leftovers since it’s just my family of three, so one meal feeds us for a couple of days, saving me extra time in the kitchen. THANK YOU for making meal planning so much easier and satisfying!

  135. Becky Vinberg (verified owner)

    I signed up for these meal plans a year ago and have loved every bit of it! We are continually making meals from our recipes we have collected from Macro Friendly Food over the last year. Some of our favorite go-to recipes include the Baked Chicken Nuggets, Skillet Broccoli Beef, Chicken Cordon Bleu, all of the Sliders, Orange Chicken, Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Pot Pie Soup, and Italian Beef Sandwiches. The recipes are all simple and delicious! We use these for dinner whether we’re tracking macros or not. I love knowing that we are automatically getting more protein in our dinners.

  136. Mandy Ashcroft (verified owner)

    These meals are amazing. I am an incredibly healthy eater, and when I was introduced to this, I was skeptical. I have never seen recipes that were healthy enough that I didn’t have to make my own adjustments. I love no longer having to wonder, what’s for dinner? I am so happy to have found this!

  137. Shelby Christensen (verified owner)

    Elyse has taken what was once an incredibly stressful task and made it easy. Not only are meals delicious & macro friendly, they’re kid friendly too! It’s much more than meal plans she’s created it a community and I’m here for it!

  138. Abby Madsen (verified owner)

    I’ve been tracking macros almost a year! For the the first few months I stuck to the same boring food and never ate the same thing as my family for dinner. Or even worse I made them eat the same thing as me. Once discovering these monthly plans i now eat the same meal as my family and its so easy to track! And they are always crowd pleasers! Highly recommend!

  139. Miranda Milovich

    Elyse’s meal plans are worth every cent! When I first started counting macros, it felt overwhelming to me to take time to track all of my meals, but not with these meals. They are already programmed into my fitness pal so it doesn’t take you anytime to track these meals. Taking that stress out of the equation was a game changer for me! But the most important part, the food tastes amazing! I am literally the pickiest eater in America… and I have loved every single recipe! Run and get it now!! Promise you won’t regret it!

  140. Mindi Cluff (verified owner)

    These meal plans make my menu planning so simple. My entire family eats the dinners, we even race for leftovers for lunch the next day! Delicious, simple and most are quick! My kids have loved everything I’ve made! Thank you! 😍

  141. Whitney Stephan (verified owner)

    Hands down the best, easiest & most delicious macro friendly meal plan out there. I have yet to find a recipe I don’t like! These meals make it easy to eat healthy! I will be a subscriber for life!! Thank you Elyse for creating this healthy meal plan & sharing it with us!! Love her!!

  142. Sydnie Summerford (verified owner)

    Could not love Elyse and these recipes more! LITERALLY and I mean LITERALLY the only recipes Ive made for my family in the last year. They truly have changed the way we eat. I recommend Elyse’s meal plans to anyone that will sit and listen to me!!!

  143. Emily Salsky (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness, Elyse is incredible! These recipes are all so delicious, so easy to follow, and so diverse! She thinks of EVERYTHING! From Copycat takeout meals to entrees and sides that work for holiday to quick weeknight family friendly meals… she has it all. I love the 1st of every month!!

  144. Mishon Dobish (verified owner)

    Elyse is truly an angel! These meals are AMAZING!! I’m always in awe at how easy it is to make the meals, how macro friendly they are, and how freaking delicious each one is!! Even if you’re not tracking macros, I truly believe these meals are the better version to seriously everything. I used to be bloated after meals, just flat out didn’t feel good after eating, but now I feel so refreshed! I feel so good after eating and I love it!! Thank you thank you thank you Elyse for following your dream and blessing the lives of so many!!!

  145. Kara Chatterton (verified owner)

    Delicious, macro-friendly recipes with regular ingredients. Sizable portions and kid-friendly, too!

  146. Camila Azevedo (verified owner)

    One of the greatest investments I made on my health! Delicious recipes, easy to follow and most important: big serving sizes! You get to have a balanced and awesome sized meal. Chicken pot pie soup, creamy curry soup and orange chicken are definitely one of the favorites. Will continue to subscribe for sure!

  147. Brynn Wangsgard (verified owner)

    By far the best meal plan/macro friendly recipes I’ve found that my family also loves! Elyse is a Genius and makes the dishes everyone loves into healthy macro friendly meals and I can’t thank her enough! I actually like cooking now!!❤️❤️

  148. Janice Twitchell (verified owner)

    I have 3 really picky eaters in my house of 6 people. Trying to stay on track with healthy eating had me cooking two separate meals every night…until I found Elyse’s meal plans. My family loves them and even my 3 picky eaters eat them and love them! It has made dinner time so much easier and more pleasant all around! I’ll never not have these meal plans! Totally worth every penny!

  149. Shalee Timothy (verified owner)

    I can’t believe it’s been a full year that I’ve been receiving amazing, easy, AND HEALTHY meals right to my inbox!!! I cannot tell you how much me and my family have LOVED every single meal we’ve made! I’ve not got 2 HUGE binders full of recipes and I can’t wait to continue collecting them!! Thank you so much for all of your incredibly hard work!!

  150. Emma Sewell (verified owner)

    Macro counting is (still) scary to me. Also every time I’ve tried it I’m always STARVING because I don’t know how to make the most of my macros. Elyse takes all the guess work out of that with easy DELICIOUS recipes, macros and serving sizes figured out for you. And guess what? The servings are usually ENORMOUS. We have yet to have a meal we haven’t liked, and we’ve been getting meals for 4 months now! I would recommend this to ANYONE! Macro counter, or not!

  151. Jordan Killen (verified owner)

    Love these recipes! Everything tastes amazing and my kids love them!

  152. Katy Lutz (verified owner)

    I am so thankful for all the work Elyse has put in to these recipes. As someone who had a former eating disorder, I have always struggled with the mentality of avoiding certain foods that I love. Elyse has found a way to make the most tasty, popular foods high in protein. And they taste delicious too! I have made huge strides in my health because of MFF! I’m a fan for life!!

  153. Kendal Miller (verified owner)

    My family and I really enjoy these meals! I love that there are usually leftovers so it makes meal prep for work lunches even easier. There are so many recipes that have become a staple in our household and I look forward to the 1st of every month when I get to see the new recipes!

  154. Sarah Harmonson (verified owner)

    My husband and I both count macros but with different goals. I’m cutting, he’s massing. We also have 2 kids. I know it sounds dramatic but these recipes have been life changing for us! I used to make multiple meals a day for everyone’s individual needs or spend my weekend meal prepping food I didn’t want to eat. Now we use these recipes to have a fresh dinner every night and eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. The recipes are simple and delicious and perfect for the entire family. I love that the servings are listed in weights! My only suggestion would be that the ingredients would be listed by weight instead of volume but it’s simple enough for me to make the conversions myself.

  155. Kathleen Olejniczak (verified owner)

    I recommend these meal plans to everyone I can. I’ve tried a lot of things to lose weight in the past and failed miserably. It’s very hard as a wife and mom of two to find recipes that are easy, healthy for me, and approved by my very picky husband and kids. Our whole family LOVES these recipes. I’ve lost 15lbs in 2 months and I NEVER go hungry. I usually make 2-3 recipes a day. The serving sizes are super generous. Do yourself, your body, and your family a favor and spend the super reasonable price to make yourself happy and full!

  156. Amy Auger (verified owner)

    Life saving!! I always stressed over what to make for dinner. I have counted macros for years and often had to make something for myself that was different from my family’s dinner. Now we all eat the same thing and it’s already pre-tracked in my fitness pal. I love this meal plan!!

  157. Kylie Madsen (verified owner)

    I have loved this subscription. Even my kids like it, and that’s not an easy ask. I don’t have to have “my food, your food” with my family.

  158. Ashley Winebrenner (verified owner)

    I am not sure how I stumbled across Elyse and Jared but I am so glad I clicked the link in IG and started creeping! I bought the meal plan hoping for real, good food that I could eat and maintain my goals but also that my family would eat. I instantly felt a connection with Elyse and felt how real and down to earth she was. My family LOVES most of the recipes- – I will admit that some they aren’t a fan of but we have 4 kids and my husband is just as picky as them so loving most is a HUGE win in my book! I love that the servings are big and she promotes EATING FOOD to see gains! Heck she even promotes EATING when you are trying to slim down! I take her desserts to family functions and no one knows that they a good for you option! That grasshopper pie was a huge hit! and the oreo pie come on now…. down right delicious! I recommend them to all my friends all the time!

  159. Leilani Moon (verified owner)

    These recipes are the answer to all of my questions about balanced eating! I have been able to be more intuitive about my meals, while still eating DELICIOUS food. Bonus – my husband loves the recipes too!

  160. Taylor Adams (verified owner)

    These are worth the price to me. I’m lucky to have a husband who lets me plan meals and he’ll cook whatever I pick but the decision fatigue starts to set in quickly when trying to meal plan family friendly and macro friendly meals. These simplify the meal planning and are quick and easy.

  161. Mallory Bauer (verified owner)

    Absolutely worth ever penny!! We haven’t had a meal from the meal plan yet that we didn’t like! These recipes have totally changed our relationship with food. Knowing that what I’m putting in my body tastes amazing and is healthy for me is a major win! I will never not get these recipes!!

  162. Jenna Walker (verified owner)

    Love this subscription! Sometimes thinking up meals is such a chore and now I don’t have to- what’s even better is youre eating “normal” foods with actual butter but still hitting those goals. I never have to worry about hitting my protein because each meal has plenty without even tasting like it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  163. Lindsay Tokar (verified owner)

    The MFF subscription plan is like getting a gift every single month! I am so excited when the new meal plans are dropped each month I literally squeal with delight 🙂 The food is really amazing. It’s food you WANT to eat while also helping you eat healthy and work towards your goals. The recipes are always new and fresh while also being easy for those of us not super blessed with great kitchen skills. The MFF subscription plan would be a great gift idea for literally anyone, especially yourself!

  164. Delanna Spargo (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about how delicious and easy the recipes are! Both my husband and kids have loved every recipe that I’ve made. And bonus, they are all macro friendly and super easy to track!

  165. Mary Soester (verified owner)

    I started tracking macros about 6 months ago but struggled finding foods to make for dinner that the entire family would enjoy and hated making a separate meal for myself. Most other macro recipes I would find had hard to find ingredients or were not made for an entire family, I was worried this would be similar. I quietly stalked you on Facebook for while and about 2 or 3 months ago decided I would go ahead and sign up to see if it would work for me. I am soooo glad I did. I have found several recipes that the entire family enjoys and they are simple with simple easy to find ingredients. I look forward to the new plan every month!

  166. Nicole Cobbley (verified owner)

    These meals are delicious! My 3 kids are all such picky eaters that I would end up cooking a meal for my husband and I and then also cooking for my kids. These meal plans have saved my sanity. I am able to use these recipes and my kids LOVE them. No more cooking 2-3 meals a night!! I have created a binder of the meals so that my kids are able to see the picture of the food and help create the meal plan for the week! No way would this system work if the recipes were not delicious! I can not say enough great things about Elyse’s plan! If you are on the fence just try it, you will be hooked!

  167. Karson Hall (verified owner)

    These meal plans are a game changer!! I can make a healthy meal for my family, that they will actually eat and enjoy, while staying on track with my goals. The recipes use normal ingredients, are easy to follow and make, and are delicious. Thanks Elyse!!

  168. Kelli Bennett (verified owner)

    These recipes are amazing! It makes eating macros so much easier. You don’t feel like you’re eating “diet food”, everything is incredible.

  169. Cassie Buffington (verified owner)

    These meal plans and the couple behind it are the true MVPs! I am a doctorate of physical therapy student and to say life is busy is an understatement. This $10 a month meal plan not only fits in my student budget but keeps me on track every single week. They are not only quick and easy, but I have not come across one yet that myself and my boyfriend have not loved! I look forward to the 1st of every month to see what I get to try next! Thank you Elyse for creating such a convenient meal plan, keeping my butt in shape (literally and physically!), and making me look like a genius in the kitchen! HIGHLY recommended! #trueMVP

  170. Tessa Shaw (verified owner)

    My husband and I have loved our Macro Friendly Meal Plan! We’ve been making a few recipes a week, they’re super delicious, easy to make, and super macro friendly. My husband has been bulking and I have been cutting, this meal plan works for both of us – he eats a few servings of each meal and I’ll typically have 1 – 1.5 (it’s hard to not want seconds). I love that everything has been pre logged into MyFitnessPal, that has SAVED me!!! Seriously couldn’t ask for yummier recipes or better macros! BEST PURCHASE EVER!!!

  171. Angie Pena (verified owner)

    I love the recipes!! I have yet to try one that I didn’t like. Even my son who is the pickiest eater loves the recipes, that alone is a win!! The recipes are all so delicious and easy to make. The convenience of having them already logged in to MyFitnessPal makes tracking macros so much easier. I will be lifelong customer!!

  172. Amber Kriley (verified owner)

    Macro Friendly foods have made dinner a BREEZE! I can track my macros the day before and have a plan in place. One of my favorite parts about the service is that you can make a grocery list using the template provided. I have now been purchasing for a year and have no plans to stop!

  173. Courtney North (verified owner)

    Elyse has changed my life with her macro friendly food. BEST PURCHASE! I promise you won’t regret it.

    Her meals are easy, delicious and macro friendly. My family absolutely loves them. I have learned so much from these recipes with what simple changes you can incorporate in any recipe to add more protein. Her meals are seriously SOOOO good! She has allowed me to not absolutely hate cooking anymore because it’s so simple and the end result is always worth it! Thank you for doing what you do Elyse!

  174. April Pearson (verified owner)

    I’ve never loved cooking so much! Elyse takes all of the guess work out and I know I am making a healthy meal that my whole family will love every single time!! My life will never be the same! I can’t imagine ever not having macro friendly meals in my life ❤️

  175. Keeley Woody (verified owner)

    This is one of the best decisions I have made! I felt like I was going crazy trying to count my macros while still trying to feed my family something different than I was eating. I was told to follow Elyse’s instagram account and that changed everything! It wasn’t very long until I signed up for the monthly recipes! They’ve made my life so much easier! I am able to stick to my macros while fixing the same meals for my family! I am able to stick to our monthly grocery budget, which is a huge thing for me! I am also not spending hours in the kitchen, I mean I love to cook but let’s be honest, I don’t have time for hours in the kitchen every day! Seriously life changing and I am here for it! Thank you Elyse!!

  176. Lori Harris (verified owner)

    Best purchase ever! The recipes GOOD food that my family is willing to eat. It is so nice to be able to make one meal for the whole family, instead of having to eat something different than my family.

  177. Marie Denson (verified owner)

    Macro Friendly Meals has been a lifesaver!!! I love all the new recipe each month and my family loves how all the meals taste, (even the picky eaters). I am new to counting macros and these recipes have made it so easy. Elyse has taken all the guess work out of macro counting. I can still maintain my health goals without having to prepare two separate meals for me and the rest of the family. I can’t say enough good things about this monthly subscription. I would recommend this to anyone.

  178. Rebecca Beard (verified owner)

    We love Elyse and Jared! They are awesome! We love the meals. My husband will say how much he loves dinner and I just tell him to thank Elyse!😁 They are friendly family meals and snacks & we eat them on repeat!

  179. Brittany Watson (verified owner)

    I have been doing MFF for almost a year! This has been a game changer for my fitness journey. It has been a huge bonus for my family as well. I love that everything is put into My Fitness Pal. These meals are worth it!

  180. Jamie Flanders (verified owner)

    I have always been a yo-yo dieter. The biggest reason I would always fall off the bandwagon, was because I literally had no idea what to eat after a few weeks. you get sick of eating the same things week after week, and also how on earth do I diet, but keep my family satisfied with the food I was cooking. I would have to cook for me, then cook for my husband and kids. It’s so hard keeping on track especially because I am a working mom.
    I came upon Macro Friendly Foods by chance from a friend of a friend on instagram. I had just started counting my macros, and would look at different Instagram accounts for ideas on what to eat. I first started with lunch and snacking, but I had no dinner or breakfast ideas, which after a few weeks this became like all the others….annoying to find ideas. This was until I found MFF! I instantly signed up and bought not only the current month, but the past two previous months, plus snacks and breakfast meals. I have been a paid member since February 2021, and have never regretted it.
    For $10 a month I get a months worth of meals plus desserts! It’s never a question of what I’m going to make, and often times its hard to decide because everything is so delicious and even my kids have their favorites! Macro Friendly foods have seriously changed my life for the better and has allowed me to keep counting my macros since January of 2021. It’s almost been a year, and I can’t believe I’ve actually stuck with something this long. I’m not hungry and when I do have my sugar cravings, there is always a snack recipe that hits the spot.
    Thank you Elyse for all your hard work behind the scenes to help people like myself and my family eat healthy, but still keep our appetites satisfied!!

  181. Taylor Beaman (verified owner)

    Love MFF meal plans! The food is so delicious that even my picky 3 and 5 year olds will eat the food! What makes it even better is every meal is quick and easy to make! If you are on the fence just do it, you won’t regret it!

  182. Tai Jeppson (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE Elyse’s meals… it’s been a game changer for my family! My kids will eat it, and I love having leftovers. I also love that I don’t have to come up with something to make, just choose something yummy cause elyse has done the hard work for me. I have lost over 22lbs following these delicious meals. Thank you for making them so affordable

  183. Ashley Gates (verified owner)

    I cook a lot, and was nervous to try these recipes because I didn’t think they would be good. I am known for my Mexican and Italian food and let me tell you… these recipes are AMAZING! I started counting macros 2 months ago and make at least 2 meals a week from the meal plans. My family favorites are, stuffed shells ( both chicken Parm and chicken Alfredo) Mexican corn, flank steak, gnocchi… ummm really all of them are good. And, the garlic bread is AMAZING also. So glad I found Elyse’s page. She not only shares yummy food but gives what this world needs right now, kindness!!! I promise you won’t be disappointed when you sign up. There is something for everyone!

  184. Summer Hooton (verified owner)

    I haven’t made a recipe yet that my family has not enjoyed. The recipes are usually quick and easy to make, which, in my opinion, is the best way.

  185. Christy Shepherd (verified owner)

    I look forward to these recipes every month and am always amazed at how yummy they are! I have been receiving recipes now for a year and have quite the collection, such a huge variety… Elyse is an absolute genius and has truly helped me and husband on my personal health journey, counting macros and enjoying doing so. I would highly recommend her to everyone! She is also such a sweet person with such a good heart…. I’m thankful for her caring and sharing! A++++

  186. Kimberly Villalta (verified owner)

    I am a working mom of six kids and I have always been health conscious. I generally enjoy cooking, but trying to meal plan each week and cook dinner each night was feeling more and more like a daunting task. It became something that I dreaded. I decided to give MFF a try and it has been such a blessing to us! The kids love the variety and new flavors, and dinner time is way less stressful for me. I know in advance what I’m going to be cooking and the kids now ask “What’s for dinner?” with excitement instead of apprehension. I am so grateful I decided to try this, and am definitely a loyal customer!

  187. CARLEE SMITH (verified owner)

    I have tried everything as far as meal plans go. Unfortunately nothing stuck. I always was needing to eat different to meat my health goals. My husbands dreaded saying of “you must be on a diet again” was always very frustrating. Which lead me cooking different meals nightly for my family then something for myself. The roller coaster was an awful ride. Once I found macros it was life changing. Except I still had to figure out what to feed myself then my family. I found Macro Friendly Meal Plans in Instagram and quickly jumped. Her recipes sounded like “normal” food for once. I could make her recipes by buying everything at my small town grocer. I have been using her meals for a year now. No longer do I have my kids complaining or bet yet my husband. We all eat the same thing every single night. What is even better is her recipes are so macro friendly that some days I have something from her lunch recipes and another recipe for dinner. I whole heartedly recommend these meals to anyone!

  188. Francine Sharpe (verified owner)

    I love love LOVE being a subscriber to this meal plan! Since I started I don’t think I’ve gone a week without making some sort of MFF recipe! Not only do I love them, but my boyfriend does as well! It’s so convenient to meal prep at the beginning of the week and have ready to go when things get busy. We haven’t had a bad meal yet but some of our most favorite recipes include the chicken and spinach/artichoke pizza, orange chicken, and baked chicken verde tacos! I never thought I would get to eat things like this and It would HELP me reach my fitness goals! 10/10 reccomend!

  189. Francine Sharpe (verified owner)

    I love love LOVE being a subscriber to this meal plan! Since I started I don’t think I’ve gone a week without making some sort of MFF recipe! Not only do I love them, but my boyfriend does as well! It’s so convenient to meal prep at the beginning of the week and have ready to go when things get busy. We haven’t had a bad meal yet but some of our most favorite recipes include the chicken and spinach/artichoke pizza, orange chicken, and baked chicken verde tacos! I never thought I would get to eat things like this and It would HELP me reach my fitness goals! 10/10 would reccomend!

  190. Brittney Andersen (verified owner)

    I heard about Macro Friendly Foods from a couple of friends. I’ve tracked macros in the past, but would get bored of eating the same meals over again and spending hours preparing a meal my family wouldn’t eat! My husband and kids love MFF! My kids will tell me, “this is the best dinner, Mom!”
    This is my sixth month subscribing to the recipes. I’ve lost 11 pounds! The recipes have made life so much easier, especially after having my fourth baby.

  191. Kyleen Connolly (verified owner)

    I highly recommend trying out this subscription. It’s super easy to meal plan with all of Elyse’s recipes downloaded to my phone. It’s easy to feed my picky eaters AND the portions are huge. I never feel like I’m missing out when I eat these foods. I feel great when I stick to eating these meals and Elyse makes it easy to stay on track. Definitely recommend!

  192. Ashlee Stacey (verified owner)

    We L O V E these meal plans! Quick, easy, and family friendly. Best part is it’s only $10 a month to take the guess work out of what to make for dinner. Some of our favorites are the pineapple kabobs , orange chicken, and pan seared flank steak. But really, you can’t go wrong!

  193. Olena Solodovnik (verified owner)

    As a mama of 5, these recipes have been amazingly convenient! We started in July and I love that kids have their favorites. I also loved the Breakfast, lunch and snacks add on, perfect for when I’m on the go. Thank you, Elyse!

  194. Callie Mattus (verified owner)

    Macro Friendly Foods recipes, and owners, have changed my life! I was new to macro counting and nervous about hitting my daily nutrition goals, all while trying to cook for others in my household, when I came across Elyse’s Instagram account.

    Life. Changing.

    Not only did my “saved” tab quickly fill up with her delicious recipes, but I started looking forward to her inspirational, uplifting, influential posts. I decided to give her monthly recipes a shot, and I’ve been getting them ever since! Every month is packed with truly easy and incredible meals that everyone loves!!

    If you’re unsure about ordering, do yourself a favor and sign up for just one month. You won’t regret it!! 💕

  195. Tracy (verified owner)

    I was trying to eat healthy and the recipes I was finding were bland and boring. I looked into counting macros but I’ll be honest I’m too lazy for that. Then about a year ago Elyse started these recipes and they looked great, healthy and so I purchased them. It was nice to have these since I found myself cooking dinner at home more. I haven’t looked back and have enjoyed the food along the way. Looking to the future months. Thank you Elyse.

  196. Kelsey Montgomery (verified owner)

    My husband and I typically don’t agree on what to make for meals throughout the week but the meal plan has so many choices that we both enjoy. The recipes are simple to follow but have such a good flavor and variety.

  197. Nicole Jones (verified owner)

    I haven’t had much confidence in cooking in my adult life. Every time I would set a new goal to cook more and learn how to make new things, I would get so discouraged. I found that many recipes, cooking blogs, etc. didn’t make food that myself or my husband would eat. The meals felt heavy, had ingredients we don’t usually buy or have in stock and I felt like they were only made for stay at home moms who had a good hour or two to spend prepping.

    My husband and I became familiar with Macros years ago when losing weight after babies. Even though we don’t track anymore, we love that way of eating. I also want my kids to grow up with balanced nutrients.

    These meals are awesome. There is a good variety- they’ve given me confidence in some cooking skills and most importantly I don’t feel like we are trying to eat things that don’t make sense for us or in are lives!

  198. Cindy L Holt (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE the MFF meal plans! Worth every penny! Elyse is so good at modifying recipes so they taste amazing, and she takes the guess work out of figuring out the macros on your own. Using the free version of My Fitness Pal, you have access to all of her recipes with the macros pre-logged. It saves you a ton of time! At age 52, counting macros along with exercise, I finally was able to shed pounds and inches!!

  199. Lexie Ruter (verified owner)

    My husband I absolutely love these recipes. For a long time we ate nothing but meat and a side of vegetables (which is delicious) but these recipes have allowed us to bring back pasta, casseroles, Mexican foods and baked goods while still eating healthy and within our protein goals! So many delicious options and they are always easy!

  200. Jalee Leavitt (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried a recipe that I didn’t like! So yummy and so so easy!!

  201. Monique SMITH (verified owner)

    I am a busy teacher who finds herself being pulled in many directions. Your meal plans have helped me stay focus on at least ONE thing in my busy life. The recipes are easy to follow and I LOVE that you include the portion size instead of me guessing. Added bonus: the food is DELICIOUS!!!!! So thank you for all of your hard work.

  202. Blake Wheeler (verified owner)

    These meal plans have seriously changed our lives. We eat one of these meals at least 5 or 6 times a week. I have lost 30 pounds this year since counting macros, working out, and eating these meals. I have tried every diet out there and have felt so deprived and miserable on them. I can’t believe the stuff I am eating and loosing weight. It has given me complete food freedom. I don’t feel like any food is off limits anymore. My entire family LOVES these meals. They are so good and easy. I used to hate cooking. I would make the same 4 recipes over and over, and now i swear we never eat repeat meals. I actually enjoy cooking these meals. They are so good. I can’t recommend them enough.

  203. Vanessa Hardman (verified owner)

    My oldest is autistic and has several food aversions. We tried lots of healthy meal plans but they always used ingredients/textures he wouldn’t eat. He is legit the world’s toughest critic and has given several meals two thumbs up. He still won’t eat everything but it’s a life saver to not have to make separate meals for me and my husband. I love knowing that it’s so much healthier than the chicken nuggets and Mac and cheese he asks for evey night.

  204. Alex Barnard (verified owner)

    Absolutely Five Stars! Just do it! Buy the meal plan. You won’t regret it! I love the meals because they are your favorite classic comfort foods that are balanced in nutrition. The meals are high in protein that help you be full, but low in fat and empty carbs. I like that I get to eat my favorite meals from childhood and I’m left feeling satisfied, not heavy or bloated. I also like that these meals are healthy without sacrificing the flavor and meal time connection. I’ve tried so many healthy versions of food, and you just take one bite and hate it! MFF FOODS ARE DELICIOUS! I’m happy because I get to eat good food, while connecting with my family, and they taste delicious! Everyone in the family loves them!

  205. Stephanie Stromberg (verified owner)

    These recipes are life changing! Before finding the MFF meal plans, my family was stuck in a food rut, eating out almost every night and gaining unhealthy weight. This changed everything for us. I now am excited to cook, using so much more different seasonings and veggies, and even branching out and trying new things I thought we would never eat. I highly recommend these meal plans to anyone and everyone that is trying to lose weight or just need to spice up things in the kitchen!!

  206. Shelise Thompson (verified owner)

    We love the MFF meals! They are made with normal ingredients that are already in my pantry, taste great, and are easy! Many of the meals have now become favorites and are in our weekly rotations.

  207. Liza Harris (verified owner)

    Your meal plans have completely taken the guess work out of daily dinner planning for our family of six. Now I no longer get stuck at 5 o’clock wondering what the heck we’re going to have for dinner! But I think my favorite thing is that your meals are totally “normal”; no random or expensive ingredients. Just tasty dinner!

  208. Brittany Irvin (verified owner)

    I have always struggled finding macro friendly recipes but these recipes Elyse creates are amazing and super yummy! My husband loves them and always enjoys helping make them with me. Super convenient as well that Elyse puts all the macro info into myfitnesspal!

  209. Shilo Stout (verified owner)

    Love love love these recipes. I have been buying them for almost a year. At the moment not tracking macros. Just intuitively eating. And these meal plans help me lose the last little bit of weight from my last pregnancy almost 3 years ago. I love that they are family friendly and my picky husband and kids will eat them. These recipes are pretty much the only thing I make for dinner weekly. And I’ve shared about the meal plan every time we have friends over who fall in love with the recipes I make.

  210. mandy douglas (verified owner)

    My family and I love these meals! I’ve tried healthy meal plans in the past, but never stuck with them because they called for weird ingredients that we never used. A lot of times in the past my husband and kids wouldn’t even touch the foods I made.
    When I started using Elyse’s meal plans the kids would ask if these were “healthy” meals. I would reply yes and then they would be hesitant to try them, but once they did they loved them. Now, my husbands favorite dessert is the no bake cookies from Elyse! We have been buying these meal plans for a year now and have been able to eat healthier, lose weight, have a better relationship with food, and eat what we feel like are normal foods. I can’t thank Elyse enough for creating these meals!!! We look forward to each new month to see what new recipes she has to offer us.

  211. mandy douglas (verified owner)

    I could go on and on about these meals, but all I will say is if you haven’t tried these yet- DO IT NOW! They are delicious and normal ingredients 😊

  212. Aubrey Lambert (verified owner)

    I cannot say enough good things about these recipes. They have truly changed my life! I’m able to put food on my table that pleases everyone in the family from my 1 year old to my in-laws. AND I’m able to stick to my figure and performance goals. Macros tracking is a life changer- but these recipes are a Game changer in making it achievable long term.

  213. Katie Staicer (verified owner)

    I’m not sure what took me so long to sign up, but I’m so happy that I did. Finally meals that can help me meet my goals and also please the family. My nine and three year old have loved every recipe I’ve made in the last six months from Elyse. My nine year old special requests her meals, as they’ve knocked off what I used to make. As someone who does not like to cook or be in the kitchen, these recipes have made my life easy. For the most part everything is quick, easy to shop for, and little clean up. Total win for me.

  214. Emily Davis (verified owner)

    I recommend your recipes to nearly everyone I talk to. They are soooooo good!! Pretty sure I would have died without them😂 so easy to track if you are counting macros, and even better, my kid loves them❤

  215. Jennifer Hemmerling (verified owner)

    Love these recipes, and even better, my family loves them! Even if you’re not tracking macros, these recipes are great, healthy options that taste great! It’s so nice to have a collection of family friendly recipes to help me plan my monthly menu and keep me on track. I could go on and on about why I love Macro Friendly Meals and why it’s totally worth the $$!

  216. Emily Schwab (verified owner)

    My husband and I have been LOVING the meals from Elyse. It has made me actually look forward to cooking which is really saying something haha and it’s also made me excited about counting macros! It has always seemed like such a daunting task but it’s so easy with these yummy meals! Packed full of flavor & good macros! I couldn’t ask for more!!

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