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Billing Policy

All subscriptions are billed immediately upon signing-up. Subscriptions are set up to renew monthly, every 3 months, or yearly from the day you sign up, based upon the billing cycle you choose. Subsequent billings will occur on the same day of the month as your first payment (ie the 1st, 5th, 15th, 20th, etc.) If you do not want your account to be re-billed/renewed automatically, you are responsible to cancel your subscription before your automatic renewal date.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Simply click “My Account” and login using the username and password that were sent to your email address when you signed up. Click on the “Subscriptions” link, click on the “view” link next to your subscription, and then click on the “cancel” link and this will cancel your subscription. This will stop automatic billing on your account and your subscription will stay in “pending cancellation” status until the end of your current billing cycle (year, three months, or month). During that time you will maintain access to your account, the app, and the meal plan printouts. You will remain on the list of recipients for the monthly meal plan emails (unless you otherwise unsubscribe your email address from the list of recipients.) After your billing cycle has come to an end, your subscription will go into “cancelled” status and you will no longer have access to the app or meal plan printouts and you will no longer receive the meal plan emails. You are always welcome to sign up again at any time!

Dietary Needs/Restrictions and Nutritional Info

Although we do our best to ensure that our recipes meet the dietary needs and restrictions they are designed for, everyone has unique dietary needs and caloric intake needs. Our recipes and service are not a substitute for competent medical or nutritional advice specific to your needs. We make no claims or guarantees of weight loss, muscle gain, or desired results. The nutritional information contained in the meal plans is calculated using a third party software. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the nutritional information. It is your responsibility to ensure that the ingredients found in the meal plan recipes meet your dietary needs/restrictions. Macro Friendly Food, LLC cannot be held responsible for your fitness, weight loss, health, or if you ingest an ingredient that does not meet your dietary needs/restrictions. For personalized nutrition advice consult your doctor or registered dietitian.


We do not offer refunds unless there are extenuating circumstances.

If you believe your situation is an extenuating circumstance, send an email to contact@macrofriendlyfood.com to request a prorated refund. We reserve the right to determine if a refund will be given. No refunds will be granted for automatic renewal payments. If you do not want your account to be re-billed/renewed automatically, you must cancel your subscription before your automatic renewal date.

Login Info and Recipe Sharing

By signing up for our services you agree that you will not sell, share, or distribute your login information, our recipes, or meal plan printouts to anyone else without written consent from Macro Friendly Food, LLC.